We all have one of these sad dudes hanging around (Fool reversed/King of Cups reversed) – you know what i mean –  the jerky, manipulating, interfering, bullying, scorned ex-lover – who can’t let go, steps over the line, has minimum ethics, and does their dirty work behind the scenes – keyboard cowards – too scared to show their small-minded faces. We’ve all experienced this toxic tyrant – the silent stalker – the one who is totally under the illusion that they go unnoticed – trying to suck in every other ex who shows up after our break-ups – too eager to make us the ‘bad guy’  – empathising with venom.You know the type – the one who has a stream of bad relationships behind them, they are never to blame, they wear their professional victim hat to the hilt, pretend to support any needy cast-offs they pull in – lie through their sharp teeth –  behaving like total maggots!

Here’s the big twist: we can see them, we know who they are – we are too emotionally intelligent to hook up with their exes and have a subjective slag match about them. Many an ex-of-an-ex has approached me looking for the sympathy vote, but i won’t enter the gutter zone. Although, just to share, I had to laugh-out-loud after connecting with another of my exes last night (like any exes we have had the lovers-to-friendship teething stage), who has the guts to say things to my face, knows there are always two sides to a situation, owns their stuff, and fully has my back! So cool that Ms Karma inevitably catches up with caustic ex-characters, putting the joke on them.

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age




  1. Hi,

    I would like to know what happens if the King of Cups is reversed and the Fool is in its upright position? What’s your interpretation of that?

    Thank you

    • Hi Jennifer

      An upright Fool is more likely to involve a calculated risk taken with the King of Cups – who, in his reversed state, is more inclined to operate along a manipulative, deceptive and victim-mentality manner.

      Light & Love on…


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