Federation of Australian Astrologers Inc.

(Kris has an FAA Certificate & Diploma in Astrology)

The Federation of Australian Astrologers
Australia’s premier astrology organisation

The Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) represents a group of people dedicated to the astrological principles of education and research. The FAA was founded in 1971, incorporated in 1995, and is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political body.

The FAA was formed to:

  • encourage co-operation and contact between astrologers in Australia and Overseas
  • establish and propagate a Code of Ethics for Australian Astrologers
  • publish a national magazine on astrology – the FAA Journal
  • publish articles on and to encourage research in all fields of astrology
  • arrange seminars, meetings, to hold a biennial conference, and other activities to enable discussion of issues in astrology. The FAA International Astrology Conference is hosted every two years by an affiliated association and located in various cities around Australia
  • conduct examinations and to award diplomas or other documents evidencing the performance of candidates in those examinations


Australian Psychics Association

(Kris is a member of the APA)

The Australian Psychics Association (APA) was founded in 1983. It was originally set up as a public information organization, presenting lectures and workshops on a wide variety of psychic-related subjects. All members were referred to as Associate Members, professionals and students alike. In 1991, the association decided to promote a distinction between professional psychics and students by creating the new category of Professional Member.
This was required as the public constantly requested referrals for creditable psychics in their areas.

To see the APA listing for Kris Fontaine click THIS LINK


Australian Psychics Association – Psychic of the Year Awards

(Kris was named ‘Psychic of the Year (NSW) 2012’)

Since 2004, hundreds of members of the Australian Psychics Association have cast their votes for these esteemed awards. The awards are open to members of The Australian Psychics Association, and are valued as a celebration of psychics in Australia.

2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi Kris. This doesn’t cover your reference to Psychology at Sydney University. Did you just do a unit in psychology? As you don’t specify the actual formal credentials. Where does this fit into your other credentials and, how you would use it in your work? Cheers, Leigh (GLBTI Health Worker)

    • Actually, Leigh, i found the emphasis on Freud and little connection to Jung seriously disappointing at Uni, so i took what i wanted and left the rest… i use Jungian psychology in my charts to a huge degree (the mother/father influence in 1st 4 years of life, particularly). I don’t need formal or mainstream letters after my name to do my job thoroughly, and that applies to all zones of the esoteric realms – my reputation and ‘hands-on’ experience proves that – i have given clients wake-up calls that years of psychology sessions didn’t provide… Additionally, my professional writing/editorial stuff and radio is equally as important as my reading work. I feel as if you are giving me the 3rd degree (no pun intended lol) – the proof is in the pudding… see for yourself… Kris 🙂

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