Take note: Pluto in Capricorn means tradition, politics and religious-based concepts on all levels are being challenged. With this planet currently retrograde and in a naturally cautious sign, apart from results being delayed, it’s a case of going all the way down before coming all the way up. It can be slow and painful, but it will strip away what is no longer required – it is and will transform society as we know it for the good of all.

Add to the mix a retrograde Aries Uranus, and bottomline, it continues to be shake-up time for outdated ideals and tunnel-visioned groups – off with their heads metaphorically (Aries rules the head zone fyi)!

Include Neptune in its home sign, Pisces – also retrograde (not to forget the transient retrograde and communication master Mercury), deception, confusion and craziness is in the global waters. Romance is high-end but, on the other end of the scale, so is escapism – and the ultimate escapism is suicide. How would anyone feel if they weren’t accepted for who they are – how they were born (there is zero choice involved here – it isn’t a fad, fashion or feature film!)…?

Time to step it up people: whatever gender two people who love each other are, whatever gender they identify as, whatever goes on intimately between a couple – they deserve the same human rights as everyone else – they are not second class citizens, not second-rate humans!!

Light & Love on…





Look, i’m not about to stereotype what a lesbian looks like/acts like – because gay/queer women come in all shapes and sizes, and present in a whole range of different identities… but my psychic-ability-come-gaydar switches to highbeam when i see the hypocrisy exhibited by one of the spokeswomen jumping up and down for engaging-homosexuals to receive the death penalty in Uganda ASAP. She just screams ‘CLOSET DYKE’!… her self-hatred, denial and shame must be so huge that she has to project onto others… she would get my pity for her ignorance, if she wasn’t such a deadly discriminator and full-blown phony … grrrr. Uranus in Aries, stop being so self-oriented and do your global ‘It’s-okay-to-be-who-you-are’ thing already!
Kris xx Mistress of New Age