The Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse (22-23 August) – with side-kick Mars – can bring brilliant results. Be bold – but hold off on pushing too hard. Well-devised goals are backed up, while far-fetched ones fizzle. Connections come quickly and blaze beautifully – if you’re brave!

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SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON (Sydney 03 June 2015 2.19am)

Feeling restless? Bored? Aching to explore something or someone new? Lose the time-table and herald checking out a new place, person or situation. The hunt is bound to get your adrenaline pumping – but will you hang in there? If most of your boxes are ticked, the answer may be affirmative – particularly with Neptune on high alert to fulfill your fantasy…Queen of Wands3

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QUEEN OF 2015!


On this last day of 2014 the TAURUS MOON, and on a more longterm scale, SATURN newly in SAGITTARIUS, asks you to get real! To lose the fakery, the phony, the bogus – to begin your 2015 journey with more authenticity, less of a need for constant reassurance, more helpings of self-love, a big injection of honesty, and a dash of humility.

Kickstart your toxin-clearout-come-spiritual-make-over by losing anything that isn’t a true expression of who you are – the BS Facebook pics are a small but significant lead. Ask yourself who you are trying to impress with narcissitic daily doses of a one-dimensional self? Who are you trying to score points over, flashing a snapshot-in-time? Maybe it’s just me, but i can see the real person behind the photoshopped facade.

This is simply a wake-up call that Ms Universe won’t let you kid yourself or anyone else in 2015. If you want to move forward with your personal life, jump ahead with your career, or arrange a catch-up with your higher-self – you just have to be bona fide with what you put into cyberspace, because if it isn’t on point, it will come back to bite you in the real world.

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Kris ~ Mistress of New Age
Kris Fontaine, QA (FAA Dip.)

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Allow yourself to dip into your inner-Sagittarian over the next 2.5 days’ Sag Moon, and pull out the best qualities of this sign – we all have them to some degree. They would be: genuine optimism, straight-talk and the ability to have serious fun. It’s what we all need right about now…
Kris Fontaine ~ Mistress of New Age
Kris Fontaine, QA (FAA Dip.)
Why not book a LIVE-CHAT READING with Kris…?

or order an on-point Email Reading…?


Sun in Sag trine Moon in Aries – King of Wands/Queen of Wands: It should be hot, it needs to be fiery, it could be steamin’, it has to be smokin’…! And if you aren’t fired up right about now, make it your priority to seize a new challenge, strike a sensational connection or grab hold of that goal with your hot little hands…!

Kris xx
Mistress of New Age