6 of Swords Meets 8 of Cups: DON’T REVERSE!

Six of Swords (reversed) meets Eight of Cups…. You know that feeling – like when you so want to go back to how you figured it was or could have been, then arrive there and realise there was an element you were aching for, but the whole deal wasn’t what you wanted after all or simply isn’t there…? There is an esoteric epidemic of this occurring in our lives at this time – it could be career-connected, relationship-related, or location-linked. Solution: stand strong in who you are and lock in a regular reality check. Bottomline: you can have it all – don’t accept crumbs!

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age


3 thoughts on “6 of Swords Meets 8 of Cups: DON’T REVERSE!

  1. Good for you. I hope that it continues that way. I am glad I moved on& have never settled for crumbs again! It is all lessons, connections in life, love. I am happy to say that after a strong but valuable lesson I learnt earlier this year by, trusting my intuition. I have the most wonderful woman any butch could possibly dream of!

  2. On the flip side, I never say never BB – not going back for another dose of drama is invariably advisable, but there are always exceptions – if the two people have done work on themselves – dealt with their issues (and we all have them!) – then it can certainly be a relationship that succeeds the second time around… In my case it is definitely meant to be – fits like a glove – and there is so much love in the glove in our second innings!
    Moving up… Kris

  3. You never go back. I know from experience that trying to rework an old relationship, where you both think that the bond was too strong to not give it another go! The reason or reasons for one breaking up, is usually the deal breaker!
    Why go back to crumbs, when you could be having croissants? Besides, I see it as it is, if it was meant to be, it would have lasted!
    Moving on….

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