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    Kris is a high-profile celebrity Psychic Astrologer, with 30-plus years experience and regular clients from all walks of life and spread globally. She uses a mix of Psychic, Tarot & Astrological tools – plus supportive Light Energy – in her on-point readings www.krisfontaine.com.au She interprets your esoteric influences through her perception – she doesn’t profess to play God, for you to take her perception as gospel, nor to take the reins out of your hands. Your Email or Chat Reading is about guidance and assistance, so you can ultimately make your own healthy choices.

After a near-death experience as a teenager, she started to follow her chosen path, incorporating her psychological training with her esoteric tools. Kris follows her profession with a passion, and continues to develop a loyal following from her columns, blogs and email readings. As well as being accredited with a Diploma in Astrology and Certificate in Tarot, she has a list of credentials in her esoteric toolbox, including Feng Shui, Numerology, Reiki and Spiritual Transformation.

You can read Kris’ weekly Astrological column in ‘That’s Life!’ magazine (available in Australia and New Zealand). Kris has also been very popular on commercial Sydney radio stations with her phone-in live-to-air readings over the years. Additionally, she also has radio announcing under her belt.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Kris continues to explore and develop what is clearly her Spiritual calling. She uses Tarot-talent, crystal-clear Psychic tools and Jungian Astrology in her reading mix, which she offers through the convenience of Email and Chat. She guides you with the Light, which supports you to make healthier choices for yourself. Kris has helped thousands of people to find their paths in life, sorted their relationship issues and given them career direction.

Ready for Kris to pour some Light on your life…?

Your personal Email Reading by Kris Fontaine is the culmination of the application of Kris’s skills and significant time and energy invested, to provide you with a thorough report that addresses your specific questions.

Kris does not require face time, as she works with esoteric skills and intangible elements that do not warrant your physical presence or physical appearance.

Her satisfied customers return for readings repeatedly, evidence of the efficiency of her Email & Chat Readings. Kris is a Psychic Astrologer – she works her Tarot Cards and Astrological Information (which are more psychological & scientifically based) with a major element of intuition and spiritual connection through her psychic ability.

Besides taking an appraisal of your planetary activity (which indicates the backdrop for the elements working internally and externally over the coming 12-18 months), Kris also lavishly looks into your Tarot Card spreads, which reveal the details, colourings, timings and physicalities associated with events or people proposed in your reading.

Also in the mix is her understanding of the Numerological and Feng Shui influences that give some extra clarity to your reading. And then finally, all the elements are pulled together with Kris’ Psychic Tools and delivered to you in a very down-to-earth, cut-to-the-chase and insightful manner.

You receive guidance to your questions in a reader-friendly, plain-language style, that doesn’t require you to spend your valuable time deciphering any technical terms. (Of course, if you are interested in learning the ropes of Tarot or other Esoteric Zones, please email Kris for information on her personalised Tarot/Astro/Psychic course).

Kris’s intention with her readings is to assist you to take a look at what you need to change, realise, start up, stop doing or give up, in order to create the life you crave. With Kris’s guidance you may just start to make sounder choices for yourself.

Kris is an illustrious Psychic Astrologer plus a practitioner and teacher of a variety of esoteric skills. With over 30 years experience in the esoteric, New Age and personal growth fields, Kris aims to assist you in making better choices, with her thorough analysis of your questions and crystal-clear insights. She aims to guide you through the synthesis of Astrology, Tarot and Psychic tools.



  • Professional Diploma of Astrology – Federation of Australian Astrologers
  • Certificate of Tarot – Academy of Psychic Sciences
  • Certificate of Palmistry – Academy of Psychic Sciences
  • Transformation Certificate – The All-One Foundation
  • Editorial Training – 2 Feature Columns ‘That’s Life!’ (currently & since its birth in 1994), & ‘LOTL Magazine (1991-2013)… plus a list of other publications spanning over 30 years
  • Radio Broadcasting Certificate – Ian MacRae Radio School
  • Radio Announcing, Journalism & Presentation – 2SER Sydney
  • Psychology Training – Sydney University & Diverse Tertiary Courses
  • Beautician Diploma – Madame Korner
  • Essential Oil Training
  • Mistress of New Age – University of Life & Learning




♦from the late and great Simon Turnbull, President IPA International Psychics Association 


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4 thoughts on “About Kris

    • Hi Anna
      I could certainly give you some guidance through a reading – click on Request Reading to order an email or phone reading.
      If you need immediate ‘help’, please call Lifeline 13 11 14, as they are a 24/7 service and on call for you.
      I hope you feel better soon.
      Light to you…
      Kris xx Mistress of New Age

  1. Hi Kris, do u know much about the Regulus star? It moved from leo into virgo after 2160 years in Nov 2011 yay! n 1 day later the occupy movement began. I feel this regulus star has big influences worldwide. I know that being in the Leo spot for that long has caused all the greed around the world and the nastiness, but that is soon to change! Can you see everything falling apart? Things that held greedy businesses together? Sadly it affects the good people too like those losing their jobs. But all for the good in the end I think. With Regulus star in Virgo now, the focus is on environmental matters and people’s care and well being so a BIG yay for that! I think we won’t truly really really start to see the big differences until the babies born after 16th Nov 2011 grow up into adults. I feel a lot of the new 2011 onwards generation being born will be great people, not so many nasty people I’m hoping. I feel optimistic about our futures. Your thoughts on this? 🙂

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