AQUARIAN MOON: Objectivity Rules!

Moon in Aquarius time is when you flick your observer switch, become a student of life, and throw on a detached ensemble. It’s your turn to be a little different, become fully social, while being a loner in the crowd. You are on the outside peering in, but feeling confident in your individuality. Put the tantrum on ice, lose irrational emotions, and know that remaining at a distance from anything or anyone who is on a mission to press your buttons is a must-do. Rely on your  inner-robot, as deep feelings get messy during an Aquarian Moon. Try not to rebel, but draw the line if you sense someone is overstepping. Revel in your unique qualities, while steering clear of  ‘shock’ tactics. Don’t slip into the ‘undependable meets unpredictable’ zone, as you can actually have your space and stay responsible, if you put your mind to it. Your spin on life takes on a new slant over the next 2.5 days people.

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age



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