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Aries March 21-April 20

If someone keeps bursting into your brain-space, it’s time to make contact! Personal note to self: create that E-card for Mr/Ms/Mrs V, leave a quirky Valentine’s voice message, or send flowers to their work zone. This immediately opens up the floodgates for other influential people to enter your life. It’s a win, regardless!


Taurus April 21-May 21

Image-whore, Venus, cringes when you publicise your emotions, but is right behind you with that buffed appearance and made-over living zone.  Powered by a recently humiliating experience, you get on your mark to clear up a misunderstanding. Attempt to re-engage a past attraction – it could be unexpectedly successful.


Gemini May 22-June 21

The Sun and Venus link hands to bring a long-distance romance to your door, reignite your relationship through a green getaway, or arrange a hook-up with a window-shopping hottie. Up the dialogue ante with the CEO, financial advisor, or welfare officer, if your aim is more cash-flow or increased income.


Cancer June 22-July 23

Hide your excitement when someone shows interest, opens a card or instant messages you. It’s heart-off-sleeve month, particularly if you haven’t sorted a current liaison or aren’t clear about your feelings. Your name on that job is quickly deleted if you fail to mention a past career controversy.


Leo July 24-August 23

Caught in a connection that’s lost its lustre? Make it your mission to stoke the fire again, and ASAP! Looking for love and finding Mr/Ms Wrong in all the right places? Raise your bar, Leo, to reflect the upgraded version of you. Don’t think for a minute you don’t deserve it!


Virgo August 24-September 23

Pull out your inner Valentine, Virgo! Patch up your relationship or meet the partner of your wildest dreams at a special dinner or sultry venue. Crank up your confidence by slipping on that little black number and leaving your bad habit on the kitchen bench. It’s a new day at last!


Libra September 24-October 23

Your sense of style and people-skills are on the button when an envious ex or competitive connection attempts to trample your enriched personal life. Act like you aren’t bothered, because this will immediately put the power back in your zone.  Admit you’re fazed, and it all goes limp.


Scorpio October 24-November 22

Masterful Saturn dishes out a relationship reality check, and you may not see it coming! All is not lost, because once everything is in full view, you see the option of more personal freedom and less stress-evoking conditions. It’s clearly essential for your personal journey, Scorpio.


Sagittarius November 23-December 21

Your sexual side surges, Sag, which equals perfect timing for a developing romance, but possibly a tad awkward for a sluggish relationship. Whichever side of the bed you’re on, make sure you involve some serious dialogue before the hands-on begins. Insensitivity is not an option.


Capricorn December 22-January 20

The Venus/Jupiter duo improves your financial situation and reinvents your personal values. This has a flow-on effect, with your love-life receiving a blatant boost and your home zone enjoying some belated attention. Hassles with an organisation could cause slight delays, but it won’t destroy your vision.


Aquarius January 21-February 19

This has to be your loved-up month, Aquarius. With Goddess Venus and Lover-boy Sun in your sign, it won’t take much pouting or parading to gain someone’s attention or to work magic with your intelligent Bitchcraft. Cut to the chase when spilling business ideas, because someone’s next move is hanging on them.


Pisces February 20-March 20

The Mercury/Mars/Neptune three-way gives you clued-up ideas on how a nice blast of energy can power up your relationship or charge through family friction. Time to put your sore Piscean feet up, while working with the Universe to create the personal life you so clearly desire. It is so doable.

 Kris Fontaine, Mistress of New Age

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