Australian of the Year = Pluto in Capricorn!

Welcome the prototype Capricorn iconic, pioneering, FEMININE feminist as Australian of the Year 2013 – Ita Buttrose! A stylish woman who paved the way for her societal struggling sistas to simultaneously wear their maternal, sexy, intelligent and career-competitive  layers, proudly and comfortably – while looking classy doing it! As a result, in the 21st Century, a feminine woman doesn’t need to recycle her lipstick and hide her curves in order to be a successful female and on par with her male counterparts. This marvellous editorial matriarch, who fought for females in the 70’s, is now in her 70’s, and ready to transform (Pluto) the ageism (Capricorn) issue. Still going strong at 71, this has to be a huge message for women of all ages – and certainly the ageism issue is a missing link in the feminist movement.

2013 make it obscene…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age

4 thoughts on “Australian of the Year = Pluto in Capricorn!

    • I’m referring to Ita dealing with elderly issues – ageist issues – that is the missing link! I am not stating that Ita herself is the missing link… back to those who aren’t looking for an argument lol coz i won’t play 🙂 Kris

  1. Italian is not a missing link in the feminist movement. She took her career and, path by doing what was right for women by playing with the boy’s as in the Packers who were her employer’s. She did indeed pave the way for women in media but, many other women paved the way in other area’s. As a feminist, there is still a long way to go regarding equality. Ita is a great Ambassador for Alzheimer’s Australia these day’s.

    • And again, Leigh, Ita is not who i am referring to as the missing link – it is the ageist issues that are the missing links, and which she is now taking by the Capricorn horns… Excuse me if i don’t see you in the Blog Police light or an expert on the feminist movement… Kris

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