The often small-scale sign of Virgo comes to the fore this week – in not such a humble fashion. It’s power on to locate your inner warrior, but with the finesse of Virgo, as opposed to the needy feelers of Sun in PiscesQueen of Pentacles3 (Pisces is Virgo’s polar opposite sign, and it’s this dynamic that creates the Full Moon on February 22 2016).

Of course, the days leading up to the ‘Fully’ are likely to highlight cracks in relationships and situations in your life, particularly with Jupiter on board, joyfully extending the hand of freedom that certain changes have to offer. The Virgo Full Moon peaks on the 22nd, and things should become crystal clear – you know what you need to do, and you’re doing it.The days following the ‘Fully’ could see things neatly in Virgo place again – and, hopefully, with zero tears from cousin Pisces – it’s highly dependent on how strong you have become since 2015’s little setback…hmm?

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You’ve got to love the Full Moon – 3° 29′
Sunday 24th January 2016  12:45:48 pm (AEDT) – leaving its powerful influence for you to devour on Australia Day (26 January). Expect to be crowned with the kudos you have worked towards over the last 12 months – with Leos and Aquarians (and those with Leo or Aquarius prominentQueen of Wands3in your natal chart e.g. Ascendant, Moon sign, strong Uranus) taking the limelight. Lean in to who you are and what you have to offer – because they are expensive jewels you don’t want to give away lightly.*©

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3 of COINS (R): MISTAKE #3?

Your Daily Tarot is the 3 of Pentacles Reversed, with Number 3 often bringing a 3rd element into the picture – such as a relationship add-on or another skill to your bow. However, with the 3 of Pentacles in reversed position, you need to be careful you don’t make similar mistakes you have made previously in association with what you may be about to take on board. And talking of bows, with the Sagittarius Moon over the next 2.5 days, it will be easy to run, jump and seriously hurdle into the wrong zone without too much forethought! Solution: take your time, thinks things through, and move forward – don’t backtrack!

Light on…

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