Tarot Tip: Two of Cups/The Lovers – Loved-up or Honeymoon Over?

When the Two of Cups or The Lovers card is situated next to or in connection to, say, the Ace of Wands or Ace of Cups, clearly a new relationship is on the horizon or a current relationship has a positive stage coming up  or may shift to the next level.  On the flip side, envision the Lovers or Two of Cups reversed beside, say, The Tower, Death or Eight of Cups – this can indicate a make-or-break time for a relationship, big adjustments need to be made, the rose-coloured glasses come off, or one party is ready to walk. Or else, it may be a one-sided attraction on the cards, or a new contender could be a little toxic or doesn’t tick the right boxes. Play around with your deck, and see how things stand in your relationship or potential one…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age