Moon in Pisces is the perfect lunar placement for highlighting those escapist tendencies & addictions. What are you hiding from? Why the masochism? Who is behind the smoke & mirrors? … Tackle those toxins now – for the sake of our planet too!

Don’t Light up…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age


I’ve said it before and, after having to leave a regular cafe haunt because smoke was filtering through the open door from the outside tables on the weekend, I need to say it again…So over suffering from the smoke inhalation streaming from selfish smokers! Other countries have it going on – no smoking in any public place, a healthy distance away from kids coming out of schools, non-smokers not having to breathe in second-hand smoke coming out of a health practice, after a hard day’s work, post enjoying a show, while partaking of a meal al fresco, when dog-walking, sitting in a park, walking along the sand… Over the cigarette butts that the tossers pepper the streets with, throw on the beaches, slip down the drains… Sick of choking on the smoke, when it isn’t my choice, nor my mother’s, or my lover’s, not my brother’s, and definitely not my dogs. Smoking is an addiction – but it’s their addiction, not ours! It’s so uncool to smoke in this damage controlled 21st Century – everyone knows it’s a health time bomb waiting to go off! They can keep the in-denial overkilled cliches ‘i could die being knocked down by a truck tomorrow so smoking is fine’ or ‘the cars fumes are more likely to affect you than fag fumes!’ Just over even talking about it… Over & out (cough!)

Don’t Light up…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age


NO SMOKIN’ UPDATE: Hours after i blogged about the need for more stringent boundaries for smokers (see DEVIL & DEATH CARDS ARE SMOKIN’) – which i make no apologies for, having experienced first-hand the dire effects of smoking and being a passive smoker – here are the latest rules for Sydney smokers, courtesy of Charles Duthie, The Sydney Standard :                                       :

Fri 04/01/13 11:26 am
“New Smoking bans
On Monday 7th 2013 you will no longer be able to smoke in or around the following public areas:
  • Within 10 metres of children’s play equipment,
  • Swimming pool complexes,
  • Spectator areas of sports grounds or other recreational areas while organised sporting events are being held,
  • Railway platforms, light rail stations and ferry wharves,
  • Bus stops, light rail stops and taxi ranks,
  • Within 4 metres of a pedestrian access point to a public building,

And from 2015 in:

Commercial outdoor dining areas being:

  • a seated dining area, or
  • within 4 metres of a seated dining area on premises that are licensed premises under the Liquor Act 2007 or the premises of a restaurant defined in that Act, or
  • within 10 metres of a place at a food fair where food is sold or supplied for consumption at the event, with a food fair being an organised event at which the principal activities are the sale or supply of food for consumption at the event and the consumption of that food.”


Things are turning around, Guys.

2013 make it obscene…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age


So the Australian Government has enforced plain packaging for cigarettes with even uglier pics of the physical results of smoking (so smokers are simply taking the cigarettes out of the packets and putting them in a non-confrontational jar, or buying other stickers to cover the confrontational packets)… the Government have maximumly upped the cost of a packet of tar tucker again in efforts to deter smokers from smoking – when what it primarily seems to be doing is filling up the Government and tobacco companies’ pockets – like if the Government was serious about wanting smokers to give up, they would ban the friggen fags totally and immediately! Smoking is an addiction, is an addiction, is an addiction – and if the drug is available (just like alcohol), addicts will continue to purchase the packets. Like any addiction, it is the addicts’ choice to give up – their call, nobody elses’. And smokers will live in denial about how the car fumes are worse, the atmosphere is already toxic so why blame them, yadda, that they could die being knocked over by a skateboard, and yadda, yadda. Like wake up – it’s no longer sexy, incredibly anti-social, outrageously old-school, and fully stupid!

Meanwhile, this deadly drug also wears the sign ‘Selfish’ – it not only affects the smokers (who choose to have the toxins swimming in their lungs), but those who don’t smoke i.e. passive-smokers – in the streets, as the smoker carelessly flaps smoke around for non-smokers to breathe in; seeping into open windows as the smoker has a hit outside; butting the streets as they toss relentlessly – like what about the kids, what about our pets, what about the asthmatics, what about this planet… what about Me!? According to the Government whisper, smoking will soon be illegal on the streets of Australia – period. Then non-smokers can breathe out and claim their rights to enjoy fresher air, finally enjoy a meal al fresco, walk out of a building into a smoke-free zone, and not become sick because of someone else’s addiction… bring—it—on!!

Kris xx Mistress of New Age