On with the acquisition of my #Real Estate Licence – after a decade-plus running my apartment building, time to make it official — such a Saturnian and Progressed Moon in Capricorn thing to do – and hey i have Mercury & Venus in Capricorn via my birthchart – just love the synchronicity of it all …

Oh and Moon’s about to transit into Capricorn heralding all things & people Capricornian over the next 2.5 days guys – maybe it’s time to think of moving, buying, selling or getting involved in the real estate market somehow…

~ Light & Love on

Kris ~ Mistress of New Age
Kris Fontaine, QA (FAA Dip.)
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So as from yesterday, my Progressed Moon (Secondary Progressions) has moved from freedom-freak Sagittarius into success-hungry Capricorn. I find the shift from one sign to another every 2.5 years exciting, open to new possibilities and extremely reflective of how i feel (Moon – feelings – well,  hello!). Having travelled – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – with the Sag Moon over the last couple of years, my Aquarian jugs are seriously ready to be filled with Capricorn recognition, commendations and solid success… as i simultaneously take more control and encourage additional order in my world. My Capricorn Mercury and Venus say bring it on (think of the shopping!) – my Aries Mars isn’t quite as thrilled. Lovin’ the fresh energy, hookin’ up with Cappy types, and feelin’ goooooooood! Take a look where your Progressed Moon is placed right about now – it really counts in the scheme of things.

Kris xx Mistress of New Age