Look, i’m not about to stereotype what a lesbian looks like/acts like – because gay/queer women come in all shapes and sizes, and present in a whole range of different identities… but my psychic-ability-come-gaydar switches to highbeam when i see the hypocrisy exhibited by one of the spokeswomen jumping up and down for engaging-homosexuals to receive the death penalty in Uganda ASAP. She just screams ‘CLOSET DYKE’!… her self-hatred, denial and shame must be so huge that she has to project onto others… she would get my pity for her ignorance, if she wasn’t such a deadly discriminator and full-blown phony … grrrr. Uranus in Aries, stop being so self-oriented and do your global ‘It’s-okay-to-be-who-you-are’ thing already!
Kris xx Mistress of New Age