Didn’t see that coming – yeah right!Jacqui Pisces Lambie sacked by Clive Aries Palmer – a thin-skinned self-deluded Fish taking on a thick-skinned self-promoting Ram – guaranteed fail… Light on Kris xx your Sis Kris Fontaine, QA (FAA Dip.) Psychic Astrologer Tarotologist Columnist Kris Fontaine


The way I read the Tarot can pretty much predict the type of person coming up – i have seen it repeatedly with myself, loved ones and clients – so I base this on my own experiences and the massive feedback i receive from others. My own recent example, I asked my Tarot cards for a description of who my next neighbour might be – i pulled The Emperor (reversed)/King of Coins (reversed) and immediately my Scorpio rising was on high alert for this one……

Okay, so i have picked a ‘nasty’ example to make a point: the new neighbour is The Emperor (reversed) in a nutshell (no pun intended): the epitome of a creep, in no uncertain terms –  a dark-haired male who dumps on others, acts like he is immune to building regulations, has a grudge against women, thinks his rude entitled adult son can do no wrong

and he is coupled with

The King of Coins (reversed) – yes, both in one body!this guy keeps an old BMW in the garage he shares with me –

a remnant from his wealthier years, i assume (before his wife took his money & balls), and bragged he was only renting for a few months then buying (so not in my building buddy!)…

He no doubt has a negative version of Aries (Emperor) or one of the Earth signs (King of Coins) – on a bad day – going on in his make-up (and, of course, i blame the slight personality clash {ahem!} on my own Mars in Aries) – not game to ask him his sign lol – i just deal through his real estate agent after his last hideous outburst!

My point: in my books the Tarot can be so specific about people in your life – past, present or future – and seriously helpful. The Court cards and Major Arcana can describe individuals almost to a tee.

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age


The wide Mercury/Jupiter conjunction promotes optimism, positive thinking & expansive ideas… it salutes study and talks travel… But this cosmic connection can just as easily slip intosheer arrogance and bad attitude (The Emperor reversed)! If you are leaning this way, give it up… If someone else is dishing it out, walk away… before your self-esteem gets another beating – seriously…

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age