Neptune rules what’s in fashion music-wise, while Uranus sets the trends… Listen up to the new boy/boi bands currently pouring out tear-jerker tunes in true Pisces-Neptune style, Taylor Swift plays victim to the bad boys/bois with ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’, Samantha Jade is vocally love-addicted with ‘What You’ve Done To Me’, and Bruno Mars is tragically feeling ‘Locked Out of Heaven’. 

Switch stations for Aries-Uranus style break-up songs and there’s Taylor Swift again with ‘…Never Getting Back Together’, ‘Screaming & Shouting’ with Will i & Britney, and Alicia Keys cries out ‘Girl on Fire’ … and that’s jut the mainstream stuff – and neither Neptune or Uranus are mainstream planets, so the underground tunes must be seriously love-sick! Stay tuned…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age



Obviously, during the course of a relationship, there are ups & downs, challenges, glitches & other tests… it’s the name of the game – and often if one person is dealing with a hard planetary transit, progression, etc., the other will have a planetary aspect that is likely to be experienced as ‘easy’, and therefore, a balancing-out effect can occur.

For example, if Transitting Saturn is squaring one person’s Sun (which can represent the revealing of past pain), and the other has Saturn Trine the Sun (a huge indicator of building foundations in some zone), providing the love & commitment factor is present between the two individuals, the support can shine through & the relationship should come out stronger.

Seriously, if every time a difficult astrological energy raised its head in a person’s life, their relationship was cut short, there wouldn’t be any longtermers, and love would be as fickle as fashion (quietly: on another note, there’s a good reason Neptune is associated with fashion, but that is another show, or blog rather ;)).

Kris xx
Mistress of New Age