The first astrological sign, Aries, hooks hands with the first card of the Minor Arcana, Ace of Wands. They want it first and they want it now! It’s first aid for your feelings, first hand for your activities, first prize for your accomplishments, first take for your commitments, first in for your desires, first time for your training, first in line for the goodies, first class food for your mind,and first grade actions for your life plan. Aries and Ace of Wands are indicative of raw beginnings that you can carve into shape; fresh starts that require your stored enthusiasm; and new chapters that beg for your pent up energy. It’s pioneer-plus time, as you initiate filed plans and act on shelved goals. Create a positive mind-set, make your moves matter, and nourish your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self… ASAP!

2013 – make it obscene…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age