The 9 of Swords can signify, amongst many other things, disturbed sleep and NIGHTMARES AAAGH! Nightmares are your sub-conscious coming forward to be noticed and for you to seriously address… the scarier the dream the more intense are your emotions about whatever is bothering you, and you aren’t owning.¬†

Share time: my recent nightmare involved me fiercely falling (fyi one always wakes up before one hits the hard concrete or water or whatever one is falling towards :/) – definitely a mirror of me feeling out of control (just detest being kept waiting for medical test results ecch!! – sadly, i allowed someone with little knowledge to put fears in my head many years ago, and still obviously haven’t let them go – it’s getting really old!). So all good – affirming, visualising, meditating, white-lighting, writing this cathartic blog¬† – knowing all is just fine. I know many of you can relate… ūüėČ

Look at your nightmares – they are serious tell-tale signs – and usually fairly obvious given your current circumstances – as to what is going on within. Nightmares don’t predict, they are a big reveal… tell me, what’s your head doing in bed…?

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age
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