So there’s been progress internationally on the gay marriage issue, but like what’s the deal in Oz… is the big block that Pluto is currently in conservative Capricorn and Australia is a Capricorn country – ergo the pollies of Oz are scared to move outside the box? Meanwhile, our Western cousins: those pompous pollies in the United Kingdom and red-necked pollies in USA, are basically banging behind same-sex marriage. Equality and human rights for ‘gays’ to have a recognised marriage to the person they love is happening in these countries. It’s a no-go in Australia – the land of freedom – the country of ‘fair go, mate’! In most schools of Astrology, Australia has Sagittarius rising – the free-and-easy, laid-back sign… Uranus in Aries’ Trine to Australia’s Ascendant  has to be a positive thing for the GLBTI community -waiting until Pluto enters revolutionary Aquarius in 2023 isn’t an option. Fingers crossed that Australia’s current prime-minister (who has a hidden agenda to be liked by everyone) heeds her wake-up call!

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age