Do you have one…? The Yod is a planetary aspect pattern in a chart known as ‘The Finger of God’ or ‘Finger of Fate’ – due to it having a rather ‘fated’ influence (both favourably and challenging) on one’s personality and external life. Like all planetary patterns, when hit on by various transiting or progressed planets over time, so the influences of that pattern are fired up.

The Yod contains a Sextile (awesome for second chances) and 2 Quincunxes (liable to be self-confronting) – and is like an Isosceles Triangle (3 connecting points) – 1 x 60 degrees apart/2 Signs apart (Sextile) & 2 x 150 degrees apart/5 Signs apart (Quincunx). Depending upon which Houses and Signs are involved – and, of course, the choices one makes for oneself – it is revealed where within one’s personality/external life the ease and challenges may reside. So do you have a Yod…?

Light on the Yod…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age


Sun Signs that are 2 signs apart (60 degrees) on the Zodiac Wheel (either side) are considered Sextile to one another. These are the signs that are traditionally considered to be easy-flow, of a similar mind-set, and are more likely to have a solid friendship base, no matter what type of relationship is involved. Morphing from mates to lovers can be seamless – flipping from friends to family is usually smooth (of course, it is all subject to what other aspects may be occurring between the two charts). Friction and conflict are more easily handled with a Sextile link going on, whereas connections that have a Square (3 signs apart), Opposition (opposite signs) or Quincunx (5 signs apart), etc. aspect between the two Suns usually find it more challenging. And a Sextile between signs tends to be more stimulating than a Trine (4 signs apart). This special aspect, the Sextile, also represents a second chance on so many different levels when involved in Transits, Progressions, Returns, etc.

So who gives good Sextile to you…?

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age