Aries March 21-April 20

Uranus challenges Pluto to transform hefty situations thrown your way, emotionally, mentally or physically, into do-able items during 2014. On the flip side, the amount of love filtering through your world should keep your domestic set-up on an even keel, while making a well-earned holiday easily top of your bill. Still in the kitchen with the Two of Cups, and this is where you kick things off with a prospective longterm partner, or rekindle the passion with your current love. Your competitive streak is in full swing, particularly when faced with a love rival, or a colleague’s attempts to match you in your work zone, during the last quarter of this year. Keep your eye on your financial ball because, despite a locked in income boost, you need to steer clear of overspending in 2014.

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Taurus April 21- May 21

Saturn sambas with Neptune, giving your uncharacteristically messy ideas structure and prospects in 2014. As you finally boot out 2013’s Five of Swords’ angst and frustration, you are so ready to take on projects and relationships that move to the beat of ‘awesome’! Bullying has left the building, those who don’t appreciate you have bolted, and you’re up for serious progress, with the new-and-improved you steering things in a positive direction. Mid-year highlights a commitment or essential bonding session with someone super special. Kick long-distance connections to the kerb, because you are about to make things move closer to home this year, both business and love-wise. Just how you like it, Taurus.

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Gemini May 22-June 21

Neptune and The Moon reversed aim to give you a hard time this year, Gemini, but you won’t let them pull the wool over your darting eyes – not with so much left-of-centre assistance from Uranus. Second guess your hunches though, as you want to avoid being taken for a nasty ride early in 2014. A super-sized opportunity bounces your way mid-year, and you needn’t hesitate about sending your signature, compromising with a knowledgeable newcomer, or purchasing with the love-of-your-life. Expect to be sewing up the seams of fractured relationships in 2014 too, with some of you picking wedding outfits or tasteful (ahem!) baby names.

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Cancer June 22-July 23

Jupiter and the Three of Coins play hard-ball with Uranus in 2014, placing travel of all denominations on your cosmic map. Physical travel could see a residential shift in the mix; while mental travel has you signing up for new training or study, with the hopes of enhancing your skill-set and pumping up your bank balance. Big things are earmarked career and/or financially in the second half of this year, but only if you do the groundwork in the first half. Expect to restructure your social life, reinvent your appearance, redefine your attitude, and rework your priority list as you gradually see what needs to change in order for you to be happy. You want things set in concrete in regards to a relationship, but it may take some strong renegotiating. Are you up for this, Cancer…?

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Leo July 24-August23

Saturn and The Devil’s 2014 pressure means resolving those controlling emotional glitches that blocked your progress in 2013. Fortunately, Uranus helps you get on point with self-knowledge, long-range goals and a different set of values than you usually adopt. Sort things ASAP, Leo, and you are fully prepared for the opportunities that show up in the third quarter of this year. Ignore the warning signs to change, and toxic issues could creep out sideways, poisoning a love relationship or happy household in record time. Back home, and consider a Feng Shui make-over to your abode, as it will bring much-needed energy and harmony for all concerned – and you can finally breathe out!

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Virgo August 24-September 23

Self-pleasuring Pluto and the Death card upright prepares your psyche for big transformations in 2014 of the best kind! Here’s the thing: the Plutonian force is with you – it isn’t pulling the cosmic rug from beneath your feet – so the transition will be as easy as you allow it to be. Bliss spills over into your love-life, with your desires for a do-able relationship taking shape in early-mid 2014. Despite some uncertainty or confusion in your working world, you should see a super shift taking place – once you delete a drudging position from your time-table. Be the upright Fool, Virgo, and take the risk you’ve been uncomfortably sitting on for too long!

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Libra September 24-October 23

Jumping Jupiter continues to stream through your career and destiny zone in 2014, but you won’t get the prize unless you pull out your initiative and follow your dreams. Think Four of Wands: relocation or home expansion; but do a duck when tempted by your drug-of-choice. In fact, taking on a seriously healthy lifestyle is high on your to-do list during 2014, especially if you intend to look and feel sensational at the scheduled major event. A special introduction or to-die-for dinner date is headlined mid-late year, forcing you to make a hard decision. Don’t stay in limbo for too long, Libra.

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Scorpio October 24-November 22

Allow Jupiter to open you up to travel, higher education and/or spiritual possibilities in 2014. Good news via the Page of Swords during the first half of the year makes it easy as to hook up with a long-distance connection or power things up with a business venture. 2014’s second half brings a good portion of your past into your present, with the rekindling of a previous passion for some, while others restore an old friendship. Get ready to glam up for a glitzy celebration to herald the coming together of a loving couple before the year’s out.

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Sagittarius November 23-December 21

Core lessons from last year are tattooed into your brain, Sagittarius, making 2014 a time when you won’t be making such costly mistakes again. Your self-growth is seriously locked in – thanks to radical Uranus and The Tower reversed – you are ready to create the life you truly want. First to go is a flimsy relationship, which is quickly replaced by a more fulfilling partnership. Reneging on a loose financial commitment or living arrangement could be the second best thing you’ve done for a while. You need to brush off anything that pins you down or keeps you hostage in 2014.

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Capricorn December 22-January 20

Pluto triggers the perfect storm in your personal life during 2014, Capricorn – it’s what you’ve been putting out for years. Also on board, is tongue-happy Jupiter, blowing things out of proportion – so be totally aware as things unfold. You redefine yourself this year, with your inner-stylist giving you a leg up as far as the way you present is concerned. Fresh frontiers open up on the work-front in the second quarter of ’14, but you need to have your game plan sorted to be a serious success. Finances follow suit with the Ace of Coins and Two of Cups balancing your income mid-year, coupled with an equally boosted love-life.

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Aquarius January 21-February 19

The Empress insists you wear your ‘Domestic Goddess’ label like a crown in 2014! Your renewed appeal for a sweeter relationship situation and shared home-life is given the thumbs up by your twisted-but-sexy ruler, Uranus. As you tie up your lessons from Sister Saturn, it’s clear you can have it all! Serious love and career climbs are accentuated, particularly in the first half of ‘14, so be prepared to willingly say ‘yes’ to some wonderful proposals. Brainstorming ways to double your income through investments and raw talent work to plan. It’s like you are given back what was once taken from you. Harvest the good karma, Aquarius!

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Pisces February 21-March 20

With Neptune safely at home, you continue to swim towards your self-created finish line in 2014; and with Saturn still on board to make your dreams a reality, anything is possible. Here’s the twist: if you lunge back into bad habits, you’re on your way to sabotaging your hard work in your career or love zone. Luckily, a home project lets your creative side rule and blows your frustrations out of the water early in ‘14. Then a work assignment goes hand-in-hand with a pay-rise and/or new job offer (Four of Coins/Six of Wands) during 2014’s third quarter. Be there when your partner or a close friend requires your services, as you leave 2014 behind – it’s who you are, Pisces.

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Betrayal is when your feelings are disregarded, there is no appreciation shown for your love and devotion. It is when your trust is purposely broken, a line is crossed, when a union is disrespected. Betrayal  is when someone you trust does something they know is not legit.
The Moon, 3 of Swords & 3 of Cups reversed, either individually placed or in combo with one another, can point to betrayal in a Tarot spread. For example, the 3 of Cups beside the 2 of Cups, The Lovers or a Court card (a King, Queen, Knight or Page of any suit) can designate betrayal in a relationship –  with a third-party interference often being the case. The 3 of Swords next to the Justice card reversed may mean betrayal within a marriage, leading to divorce, or involving another form of legal commitment. Or what about The Moon next to the Four of Wands meaning betrayal on the homefront or with a property purchase… And so the story continues with other cards. Start spreading…
Light on…
Kris xx Mistress of New Age


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The Death Card in Tarot recieves a lot of bad press, creates heaps of unnecessary fear, but really isn’t as dark as it appears!

It rarely means physical death, and it is usually linked to something more doable, like the ending of a relationship, finish of a job, culmination of a situation, finale of an event, and so on.

In a spread, the position of the Death card seriously needs to be taken into account, as well as the cards beside or linked to it, and of course, whether it is upright or reversed.

I use a combination of Tarot, Astrology & Psychic Tools in my readings, so just the Death card’s influence does not read as an inevitable death. Because nothing is set in stone & nothing is inevitable in a reading. It is not the reader’s right to play God, take the driver’s seat for the client, and especially, not instill fear in a client’s head.

Sure, death is a part of life, but it cannot be predicted, and if an unethical reader gets it right, it is purely a fluke!

So turn the Death card around people…

Light on & Live well

Kris xx
Mistress of New Age