Below is a question-come-comments from a respected blog-follower, Chelle, which i found very interesting & pertinent — my response follows:

Hi Kris, do u know much about the Regulus star? It moved from leo into virgo after 2160 years in Nov 2011 yay! n 1 day later the occupy movement began. I feel this regulus star has big influences worldwide. I know that being in the Leo spot for that long has caused all the greed around the world and the nastiness, but that is soon to change! Can you see everything falling apart? Things that held greedy businesses together? Sadly it affects the good people too like those losing their jobs. But all for the good in the end I think. With Regulus star in Virgo now, the focus is on environmental matters and people’s care and well being so a BIG yay for that! I think we won’t truly really really start to see the big differences until the babies born after 16th Nov 2011 grow up into adults. I feel a lot of the new 2011 onwards generation being born will be great people, not so many nasty people I’m hoping. I feel optimistic about our futures. Your thoughts on this? :)


Kris’ Reply:

Hi Chelle
Good question! Actually, I don’t find the Stars to have a major effect globally or personally – they may emphasise something a planet is doing, but not too much else. In 2011 Earth was getting use to Uranus’ move into Aries (after being in pipe-dreaming Pisces since March 2003), so that would have shaken up the status quo of things globally. I don’t see Leo as a greedy sign – maybe egotistical – meglomaniac-ish even – whereas, Virgo can be quite tight and bitter-tongued on the negative side. I prefer to leave the ‘doomsday’ readings to those who feel the need to go down that track, as i certainly don’t see things ‘falling apart’ globally, by any stretch of the imagination! Saturn in Libra can equal the opposite of fairness, and this would have reflected the sad job losses. Saturn is now in Scorpio, doing its job of ‘Pay-back time!’ – so the structure of things on the work-front should be pulled into line so the ‘little person’ gets a fairer go. Definitely like the idea of the focus being on environmental matters, but again, i see that as being largely due to Pluto’s tour through Sagittarius over the last few years – and now a Capricorn Pluto will calculate what needs to be done in cahoots with Saturn in Scorpio (the second-chance Sextile), and an Aries Uranus will get it done! stand with you in being optimistic about our future, and fully appreciate the angle you are looking at things from here.
2013 make it obscene…
Kris xx Mistress of New Age