The intense Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Sydney: April 26 2013, 5.57am) strokes the depths of your emotional core and urges you to go within and look at what is real for you. Whatever you have been kidding yourself about will stare you in the face, because the Scorpio Full Moon insists you uncover your personal secrets.

Anchored Saturn in Scorpio is the Moon’s right hand girl, offering you the big reality reveal. Saturn steps on her soapbox about you needing to deal with what is in your life, rather than get swept away with illusion. Saturn in Scorpio takes the stand that you take no shite into the next chapter of your life. Additionally, the Moon’s sextile to Pluto (who is perfectly trined to sensuous Venus), says you can expect seduction and passion to race through your private world.

This Scorpio Eclipse wants you to be savagely truthful with all the zones of your life – your relationships, your love-life, your career

Turn things over in your private moments and formulate a game plan. It’s about moving forward on whatever it is you truly want to manifest. Do it now!

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age