Challenging the Cancer New Moon are the two most driven and independent planets – Mars and Uranus. These guys pump each other’s sudden inclinations and push you to break out of any mouldy molds. What you figured was impossible may now be do-able, as you research new ways to tackle things. You must respect your inner urges – they are your green lights to proceed. These planets are radical together, and with the Cancer New Moon, the most significant change will occur wtihin your home and family.

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The upright position of The Fool (Uranian/Aquarian/Arien by nature) indicates taking a risk, kicking off your heels, stepping out into the unknown (its number Zero represents the beginning and end of something). But unlike the Fool reversed, you are looking before you are taking this leap, and have fully packed for what may be in store. You are leaving a past uphill situation behind (career, relationship…etc.) and are heading towards a new adventure, fresh frontiers – owning your independence again, and feeling free…!

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Card 1 (left The Magician) = The Cause – Too much mind control, over-resourceful

Card 2 (right The High Priestess) = The Solution – Listen to inner voice, reveal agenda

Card 3 (middle The Fool) = The Action – Take a risk, fulfill potential

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We all have one of these sad dudes hanging around (Fool reversed/King of Cups reversed) – you know what i mean –  the jerky, manipulating, interfering, bullying, scorned ex-lover – who can’t let go, steps over the line, has minimum ethics, and does their dirty work behind the scenes – keyboard cowards – too scared to show their small-minded faces. We’ve all experienced this toxic tyrant – the silent stalker – the one who is totally under the illusion that they go unnoticed – trying to suck in every other ex who shows up after our break-ups – too eager to make us the ‘bad guy’  – empathising with venom.You know the type – the one who has a stream of bad relationships behind them, they are never to blame, they wear their professional victim hat to the hilt, pretend to support any needy cast-offs they pull in – lie through their sharp teeth –  behaving like total maggots!

Here’s the big twist: we can see them, we know who they are – we are too emotionally intelligent to hook up with their exes and have a subjective slag match about them. Many an ex-of-an-ex has approached me looking for the sympathy vote, but i won’t enter the gutter zone. Although, just to share, I had to laugh-out-loud after connecting with another of my exes last night (like any exes we have had the lovers-to-friendship teething stage), who has the guts to say things to my face, knows there are always two sides to a situation, owns their stuff, and fully has my back! So cool that Ms Karma inevitably catches up with caustic ex-characters, putting the joke on them.

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Kris xx Mistress of New Age