ARIES TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE Wednesday 08 October, 2014 (Sydney 09:50pm AEDT):

This is a virile eclipse, being in God of War Mars-fuelled Aries – holding hands with Uranus and facing off with Pluto — Remain centred, don’t let things get out of control in your personal life – and send Light, pray, visualise it won’t fuel the fire globally!
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Kris xx your Sis
Kris Fontaine, QA (FAA Dip.)
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CATERPILLAR TO BUTTERFLY! = Capricorn Pluto square Aries Uranus + Scorpio Saturn

With a Capricorn Pluto bringing intense situations from the past back into your zone, it’s a case of transform (Pluto) the old (Capricorn) into something brand new (squaring Uranus in Aries)! It’s all about reinventing yourself to make the old situation fit the present. And with Saturn in Scorpio also on board, we are working hard to make our old deep relating/sexual psychology take on a new Light. News is that many peeps are hooking up with past lovers in efforts to fan the flame from a better angle, tackling old jobs on a different level, making a sea/tree-change with a cooler attitude, or addressing a repetitive health issue from another slant.A quickie share: i am currently re-seeing (yes, seeing one another in a new Light – so Pluto!) someone i was involved with a few years back – we both suspected there was unfinished business (fyi our individual Saturns sit on one another’s Suns – big ‘meant to be’ and lesson-learning flavour between close associations generally), and after rebuilding a solid friendship over the last few months (so Sagittarius/Aquarius – revisit my post re Sextile Sun Signs), our intimate connection has morphed into something magical, that has been a major surprise (Uranus) to both of us! It is what it is, and it’s something special… So check how your past circumstances – relationship, work, health-linked, etc. – have been reawakened, restyled, and reborn…

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age


Light & Love to the Newtown, USA, innocent souls on their continuing journey – an example of the global Uranus square Pluto madness… victims of one man’s mind-flip – it needs to be contained – and it begins @home…right now!
Kris xx Mistress of New Age