So the Australian Government has enforced plain packaging for cigarettes with even uglier pics of the physical results of smoking (so smokers are simply taking the cigarettes out of the packets and putting them in a non-confrontational jar, or buying other stickers to cover the confrontational packets)… the Government have maximumly upped the cost of a packet of tar tucker again in efforts to deter smokers from smoking – when what it primarily seems to be doing is filling up the Government and tobacco companies’ pockets – like if the Government was serious about wanting smokers to give up, they would ban the friggen fags totally and immediately! Smoking is an addiction, is an addiction, is an addiction – and if the drug is available (just like alcohol), addicts will continue to purchase the packets. Like any addiction, it is the addicts’ choice to give up – their call, nobody elses’. And smokers will live in denial about how the car fumes are worse, the atmosphere is already toxic so why blame them, yadda, that they could die being knocked over by a skateboard, and yadda, yadda. Like wake up – it’s no longer sexy, incredibly anti-social, outrageously old-school, and fully stupid!

Meanwhile, this deadly drug also wears the sign ‘Selfish’ – it not only affects the smokers (who choose to have the toxins swimming in their lungs), but those who don’t smoke i.e. passive-smokers – in the streets, as the smoker carelessly flaps smoke around for non-smokers to breathe in; seeping into open windows as the smoker has a hit outside; butting the streets as they toss relentlessly – like what about the kids, what about our pets, what about the asthmatics, what about this planet… what about Me!? According to the Government whisper, smoking will soon be illegal on the streets of Australia – period. Then non-smokers can breathe out and claim their rights to enjoy fresher air, finally enjoy a meal al fresco, walk out of a building into a smoke-free zone, and not become sick because of someone else’s addiction… bring—it—on!!

Kris xx Mistress of New Age


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