With Jupiter and Neptune currently both in dual signs (Gemini and Pisces respectively), it’s no great surprise that a stream of double-lives have been and are showing up in the media, and in our personal worlds. False dudes like Lance Armstrong are simply the spokespeople – the reflection – the macrocosm – of what is happening in some people’s private worlds. It would be seriously draining (water element Neptune/Pisces – incidentally, both Neptune & Pisces rule drugs) living a big lie (Jupiter/Gemini). Saved  by Saturn’s slow but thorough crawl through Scorpio that is delving into the dark depths (Scorpio), dragging out the real story (Saturn – thanks sister Aquarian Oprah). So look within, look around, check for signs, heed the red lights, listen up for alarm bells – is there a double-life (small or large) happening in your microcosm…?

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age

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