GEMINI MOON – Switch Yourself ON!

The Moon seriously flirts with the twelve Zodiac signs every month – 2.5 days of intimacy portioned to each one. So while the Moon is currently doing switched-on Gemini (conjunct Jupiter/sextile Sun, Venus, Mars & Uranus – like helloooo!!), you would be stir crazy not to be the voice of something you seriously believe in, speak up about an injustice @ or close to home, or talk yourself up in the team or during the interview.

On the flip side, due to romance-wrung Neptune squaring Ms Moon, if you are over a lover calling your personal inventory and owning nothing themselves, being the target for someone’s misdirected anger, or playing second fiddle to an inflated ego or an ex’s memory, simply zip your lips – so not worth taking on board or losing who you are over – not for even a split second…! Move on up, y’all…

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age

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