If you are Neptunianly-challenged in your birth chart (e.g. a hard Neptune aspect to your Sun, Moon or any of the Personal Planets), or are currently experiencing a challenging Neptune Transit, Progression, or the like, things can become a little foggy on the love-front. Your emotions may be muddled, your feelings befuddled, and your state of mind may be seriously confused, particularly as far as your romantic relationships are concerned. Neptune rules romance, and romance can also involve deception, which is something Neptune knows only too well when it is involved in a hard position astrologically. It can be like you are living life underwater in some sense – which is how many sufferers of depression have explained things to feel like – all is soaked in jumbled emotions.

So it is important you pull your shutters up and look at the reality of things – check on what is really going on within yourself, and how you might be caught in a world of self-deception as far as your love-life goes. From my own challenging Neptune experience (long story short) I was heavily under the notion that someone I had been briefly involved with 5 years prior was ‘the one’ (but ended it because of a gut feeling, that I should have continued to heed in the second coming). However,  the good feelings remained for me & i Neptunianly kidded myself that the love was unrequited, when i had actually cut the link. Ergo the relationships that followed just didn’t measure up in my Neptune-driven perception – but the truth was hidden, and it was only when I chose to be in a total relationship with my supposed ‘true love’ a few years later that I saw the Neptunian Light. Often Neptune hides the truth and then does a big reveal later down the track, crashing and burning one’s original perception.

As a result of my Neptunian example above – and let me add, that the interim relationships during the 5 year period contained red alerts, as well as a lot of love, as to what I was eventually to experience – I learnt one of the biggest lessons of my life, a self-growth opportunity under the guise (and Neptune is an expert at chameleon behaviour!) of true love.

So check into your emotions: is your perception real or a serious fantasy? Is it based on unfinished issues from your family of origin…? Own it, before the dream comes crashing down… P.S. All is good on my front now, and I am thankful for the experience — you can learn to swim through those Neptunian waters 😉

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age

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