KICK THE WALL! (Saturn Square Venus)

In the cosmos right about now Saturn in Scorpio (sex) is squaring Venus in Leo (love), so you can almost rely upon romantic relationships being tested to the max! Tension and difficulties are dominant in the collective consciousness, with  relationships cooling down, or breaking down completely. Kick back with a rude awakening, which may follow your fantasy period – you and/or your partner may lose interest, or the connection between you fails for a reason that mirrors harsh reality. Whoever may have seemed locked into your life could gradually feel like a shackle! This would be linked to testing situations that have kicked off between you over time: let downs, hurt, abuse, emotional distances, and the like.

It may be a case of a relationship existing at the cost of your freedom and sense of individuality – an overload of pressure, expectations, demands, criticism or disappointment to deal with. The Saturn square Venus energy can make it more difficult to relate – you feel like a try-hard; exhausting yourself, and wondering if it is all worth it! Don’t dare fall into martyr or victim mode, or pander to a partner doing this – it’s all about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and fully knowing what you are worth, what you deserve, and settling for nothing less! That is the Saturn/Venus cosmic lesson for those of you currently influenced by this planetary energy.

Additionally, frustration and fear lurk beneath the communication, and constant testing of each others’ love, commitment and intent may be part of the Saturn/Venus equation. Strong relationships can be revived after the stern lessons, with loved-up connections holding even more weight. On the flip side, weak relationships are likely to have a cut-and-dried ending, as harsh reality sets in and the involvement crumbles. During this process, it’s time to gently remove your head from the brick wall, stand elegant, refuse to be another brick in someone’s shaky wall, take your time, be patient with yourself, leave regret alone, kickback with a relaxation technique, and commence healing. All will fall into place as it needs to be – always for your highest good!

Light & Love on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Ages

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