The Crystal Healing Pack includes a paperback book and 12 specially selected, high quality polished Crystals. Seven of the Crystals are attuned to the Seven Chakras, the body’s energy centres. These stones are used for cleansing, energising, and activating the Chakras. The other five are ‘Master Healer’ stones that can be used singly or in combination to relieve stress, promote relaxation, balance the emotions, clear negative energies in your environment, and heal and invigorate your body, mind, and spirit. The paperback book includes complete instructions for using Crystals as healing aids and a comprehensive directory covering the properties of the Crystals in the pack and their specific uses. The book is illustrated with colour photographs and useful charts, diagrams, and grids.

I highly recommend this product, and you can purchase it now from my Kristal-Plus Store (scroll down to The Crystal Healing pack & double click it) at the amazing price of $23.28 (save $9.71)…

And there’s more! …Purchase the Crystal Bible too (an invaluable Crystal-worker/lover’s reference book), and you get them both for the ridiculous price of $42.18! (*Note: these special prices are for a limited time only)

Kristal light on…

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  1. It would be perfect for a friend right now experiencing depression. Always, believe natural methods are better than drugs. She is Aquarian and, although I find most Aquarians moody & self obsessed. Plus, dramatic, Trauma becomes them, drawn like a moth to a flame! So, I am wondering if this would really be of any help? Feedback please!

    • Hey Danni … The Crystal Healing Pack may add to the healing program for your friend – balancing with crystals can be quite powerful from my experience and feedback from friends and clients. Just quietly, your generalisation re Aquarians could be a tad harsh lol … the qualities you mention tend to lend more towards other signs/planets (that could be occurring in their individual charts) – for example, moodiness leans more towards Pisces and Gemini or Moon square Uranus, Neptune or Pluto; self-obsession is more in line with Aries, Leo, or a Mars or Pluto-challenged personal planet (they would be Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars). Thanks for the teaching tool for others btw 🙂
      If you are serious about the Crystal Healing Pack, i hope your friend finds it useful on her journey.
      You might even want to borrow them yourself – they are transferable if washed in salt water and bathed in the light of the Moon.
      Light on…

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