SNAKEY 2013 = Second Stalker Alert!

Heed this little reminder Y’all… It’s Year of the Water Snake – and backing up this sly slitherer is Jupiter, maximising the two-faced side of Gemini, and a Pisces Neptune soaking in deception. Be aware of those pretending to be something they are not, bringing their baggage to your door, and/or stalking your online activity (Gemini rules media – and social media is one big playground for him!). It’s like your old boss could be on the prowl, your disdained ex or jealous rival could use a dual online name to secretly stalk you, or the gorgeous pic of the guy/girl with the ‘friend’ request could be a fake with an ulterior motive. Be aware, protect yourself, and, of course – Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age


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