Political Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is a huge factor of the Age of Aquarius (ask any Aquarian who owns their shadow side ;):

So we have Tony Abbott, lover of all things family – and his beloved sister is gay, but isn’t allowed the same rights as other members of his family (pfft!)… Cross over to Penny Wong – openly lesbian & ‘married-with-baby’- but is has been in months of labour to pretend she opposes it – like what…? ,,, Kris (Aquarian ūüėČ



I thank God, my Piscean Papa, the Aquarian Age & my stream of patient partners for my brilliant career… as every day it brings huge enjoyment, new knowledge, amazing connections, fresh opportunities, creative fulfillment, & immense freedom — &, last but not least, the opportunity to assist others to make positive shifts… thank YOU so much…

Kris xx



As I stated on Sydney radio 2GB last week, Julia Gillard’s last¬†attempt¬†to remain prime minister is to say ‘yes’ to gay marriage – she came close today after lunching with some gay couples by saying ‘it is inevitable that gay marriage will become legal’ … Close isn’t good enough in this Aquarian age…