So your birthday falls when the Sun straddles the end of one astrological sign (ready to move into another), or has just entered an astrological sign – and you consider yourself to be on the cusp…? According to my way of thinking (and other noted astrologers’) -WRONG!

The layperson generally interprets this ‘cusp fallacy’ to mean a mingling of the qualities of the two Sun signs involved. You see, the Zodiac signs’ dates change slightly from year to year, due to the Earth’s shaky rotation on its axis. The full date of your birth will reveal there is only one sign your Sun can reside in – even if it is zero or 29 degrees of that sign (fyi there are 30 degrees in a sign).

So if, for instance, you are born on 21 June, and consider yourself to be on the cusp of Gemini/Cancer – well, your Sun officially falls in  one sign or the other, but your Mercury, Venus or another planetary point in your chart would be the reason you feel you have the qualities of both signs in your make-up… for example, a Gemini with Mercury in Cancer would be less likely to be as rational as a Gemini with Mercury in Gemini or Taurus. Ask away if you don’t get it…

Kris xx