Neptune rules what’s in fashion music-wise, while Uranus sets the trends… Listen up to the new boy/boi bands currently pouring out tear-jerker tunes in true Pisces-Neptune style, Taylor Swift plays victim to the bad boys/bois with ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’, Samantha Jade is vocally love-addicted with ‘What You’ve Done To Me’, and Bruno Mars is tragically feeling ‘Locked Out of Heaven’. 

Switch stations for Aries-Uranus style break-up songs and there’s Taylor Swift again with ‘…Never Getting Back Together’, ‘Screaming & Shouting’ with Will i & Britney, and Alicia Keys cries out ‘Girl on Fire’ … and that’s jut the mainstream stuff – and neither Neptune or Uranus are mainstream planets, so the underground tunes must be seriously love-sick! Stay tuned…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age

Fashion Fish!

It’s the slow-moving planets, particularly Neptune, that set the tone of fashion on this planet … Neptune has just moved into Pisces which, once settled,  is bound to wash over the radical, rebellious, androgynous, hippy fashion that Aquarian Neptune brought to the cosmic table …

Of course, Pluto in Capricorn will still be big on vintage, and we can expect hair fashion to have a new twist with Uranus newly in Aries —-

So watch as the flow of fashion takes on a Piscean flavour: blues & greens, softer lines, imaginative creations, seamless bodywear, balmier swimwear, underwater creations, dreamy outfits, hidden skin, ocean jewels, more flexible footwear, fantasy fads …

Kris x