It’s rather sad in this Aquarian Age – the 21st Century, no less! – that there’s still a taboo on anyone working in the Psychic/Spiritual/Esoteric/New Age fields being paid for their time, effort, services, knowledge and expertise! We still have to put food on the table, keep a roof over our heads, look after our loved ones, etc., so why should we give it all for nothing when doctors, lawyers, teachers (all helpers – and all spiritual, because all we are is spirit in the end!), charge through their roofs without debate?! Many in our industry – like myself – have studied mainstream, trained for years in various esoterics, and done our dues as far as time goes with super-low-priced readings, and finding acceptance in a society that wants what we have to offer when the going gets tough, but isn’t always willing to pay for it. Our work can be exhausting, intrusive and demanding, and we deserve the reward like anyone. It’s like asking your GP to check your thyroid out of hours – we aren’t on call with our spiritual/esoteric tools 365/24/7.  As my Reiki teacher/friend’s Buddhist nun once said to her “We are spiritual beings in a physical form. The form needs bread. In the community you live in you have to pay for bread.” Respect for all Light workers.

Kris xx Mistress of New Age