Long Distance Relationships

Okay Guys… Long-distance relating is so perfect for the commitment phobe (which usually involves fear of being smothered or fear of being abandoned – sometimes they fluctuate) – and often involves challenging Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars aspects to Uranus or Neptune in the natal chart – & sometimes Saturn is involved (fear of rejection factor makes one push others away)… here’s another cathartic poem to ponder over:

LD Unplugged

Kris Fontaine

Handling long-distance

Lump on the patience

Keeping it real

Sheer persistence

Master interaction

Minus resistance

Banging keys not bodies

Snap shots in time

Hard plastic, exaggerated fears

Time zones collide

Ignored rear

Roller-coaster ride

Words misinterpreted

Issues become nuisances

Frustrated mutters

No touching, no nuances

Hazy memories of contact

Trust in the gutter

Ultimatums, hang-ups

No lusty make-ups

Phone n chat no compensation

Short on fuses

High on maintenance

Living in different nations

Big on chemistry

Brief bouts of tangibility

Slightest thing sets me off

Subtle sounds get you off

Tired of limitations

Over bad communication

Commitment-phobe, loving my space

But a vacancy exists

Where we came face-to-face

Back-to-back gigs

Laughing out loud

Content in my digs

Avoiding the crowds

Missing the frenzy

Dissing the bills

Craving the love

Needing the thrills

…Dam it’s hard

‘til we eyeball again