Big-Boy Jupiter in Gemini just makes Walking the Talk a wonderful marathon! But Jupiter is currently Retrograde, which means Walking the Talk is on serious hold. Simultaneously, Jupiter is squaring Neptune in Pisces, and the Neptune/Pisces negative slant consists of deception, confusion, lies, underhandedness, martyrdom, victimhood and major escapism. It’s no surprise our relationships are facing huge deal-breakers that go against our standards, challenge our self-worth, erode our emotional state, crash our feelings and water-log our inner-child.

If, like myself, you are reaping the fallout from a huge relationship deal-breaker – join me in regrouping, checking in with your knowing self, realising this red light flashed from the get-go, and that maybe you gave this connection too many tries… (my usual rule is 3 tries, then it’s out!). Chalk it up as another big lesson, and own that you are paving your route for something more real, more worthy of your loving, and far better. Walk your talk now!

Light on & Love rules

Kris xx Mistress of New Age