As Saturn – the planet most associated with politics – settles into free-range Sagittarius on 21 September (after 2.5 years in back-biting Scorpio) possibly this undemocratic Australian prime minister musical chairs will cease (i live in Sagittarian optimism!).The Heirophant Reversed

On the flip side, the loyal backbone of Scorpio is about to be wrenched out, while Sagittarius lie-through-horsey-teeth is uncomfortably being inserted.

My vote goes to this wonderful nation moving on from the discriminatory dark side of Scorpio and falling into the live-and-let-live, freedom-fuelled facets of Sagittarius – what’s yours…?SagitttariusLight on



The Stalking Ex (or SEx) is so not an unusual event, by any stretch of the … um … imagination… but with Scorp Saturn (sexual frustration) squaring Aquarius Mars (group action) right about now, there currently seems to be an influx of these crazed creatures. You know the type, they like to roam in pairs, flicking their self-righteous, hypocritical, two-faced, self-pitying poison wherever they go. These are the keyboard cowards, hiding behind the ‘safety’ of a screen, basking in their denial, unsuccessfully hoping to keep their professional or public face in tact, telling their one-sided story to whoever will listen (yawn!). The passive-aggressive professional victims, the unethical losers, the boundariless bores, the ones who refuse to let go (but profess not to care – yeah right!) – the type who gather in groups, and try to pull recruits, going in for the kill, as their ex-target ends the next relationship. You can almost hear the SEx’s thought process, something like: ‘oh good, here comes another of my ex’s cast-offs – i know, i will pop on my ill-fitting compassionate hat and get another ally for my collection – that will make me RIGHT and the ex WRONG!’ – you gotta laugh at the mentality… Meanwhile, the SEx’s exes come to you with their parallel story of how hideous life was with these tortured souls – but you have enough sense and maturity not to get into the toxic drama or lower yourself to the SEx’s level. Yanno, it doesn’t matter how flat you make a hot cake, it always has two sides, and anyone with any sense would not be sucked in by the Stalking Ex’s sad ways – only maybe another of your scorned exes who can’t look at their own behaviour. Solution: stay strong, know who you are, keep real , and don’t sweat the small stuff – and, remember, the Stalking Ex is suffering in their own stale juices… sending Light…

2013 make it obscene…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age