The way I read the Tarot can pretty much predict the type of person coming up – i have seen it repeatedly with myself, loved ones and clients – so I base this on my own experiences and the massive feedback i receive from others. My own recent example, I asked my Tarot cards for a description of who my next neighbour might be – i pulled The Emperor (reversed)/King of Coins (reversed) and immediately my Scorpio rising was on high alert for this one……

Okay, so i have picked a ‘nasty’ example to make a point: the new neighbour is The Emperor (reversed) in a nutshell (no pun intended): the epitome of a creep, in no uncertain terms –  a dark-haired male who dumps on others, acts like he is immune to building regulations, has a grudge against women, thinks his rude entitled adult son can do no wrong

and he is coupled with

The King of Coins (reversed) – yes, both in one body!this guy keeps an old BMW in the garage he shares with me –

a remnant from his wealthier years, i assume (before his wife took his money & balls), and bragged he was only renting for a few months then buying (so not in my building buddy!)…

He no doubt has a negative version of Aries (Emperor) or one of the Earth signs (King of Coins) – on a bad day – going on in his make-up (and, of course, i blame the slight personality clash {ahem!} on my own Mars in Aries) – not game to ask him his sign lol – i just deal through his real estate agent after his last hideous outburst!

My point: in my books the Tarot can be so specific about people in your life – past, present or future – and seriously helpful. The Court cards and Major Arcana can describe individuals almost to a tee.

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age

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