Those original old-school Tarot card meanings (usually sadly accompanying ‘traditional’Tarot decks) tend to reflect the rather negative mentality of the collective consciousness at the time they were written (similar to the Bible – but that’s another show!). Times have vastly changed – it’s the Age of Aquarius, and unlike the last Age of Pisces, the majority of us are not following ‘leaders’ so much, but finding our true following within ourselves, through our personal experiences and via positive modes of self-healing. It’s about individuality in the Aquarian Age, and this needs to be reflected in reading the Tarot. There are no bad or negative Tarot cards – a collection of Swords in a spread does not indicate disaster, just as The Tower in a prominent place does not mean full-blown catastrophe (even the global Tower 9/11 could have been avoided). It so much depends on where these unfairly judged cards are placed in a spread, which cards may be beside or in angle to them, what the question or topic is, who is doing the reading, and so much more.  It is always about the big picture, not one individual card (unless you are pulling one for a quickie!). On par with reading a horoscope chart – taking individual planets or signs on their own has very little value, because other components of the chart could lessen, twist or partially eradicate that influence.We are not at the mercy of the cards or the planets, they are for guidance only – we have choice, we create our own life story. I am not implying that warnings should not be relayed, but telling someone concrete doom-and-gloom is on the horizon, puts them on the road to making this happen.  Giving the option to turn a possible negative into a possible positive needs to accompany any reading. It is not about being right, it is about giving guidance and assisting clients on their path. Instilling fear in a clients’ head is hardly realism, it is actually close to sadism and very ego-based. The days of darkness are over – choose to move with the Light.

2013 make it obscene …

Kris xx Mistress of New Age

2 thoughts on “TAROT TIP: OLD-SCHOOL OUT!

  1. Love this. Follow the light is what I do. It is a tool of survival for me. I have come from darkness only to find people who try to instill fear into others are, usually projecting their own fears. Ethics play a big role in your work, as they do in others who work with people like Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Teachers for example. I like to believe that practicioners in any field do indeed, practice ethically and, with true compassion! Light on Kris

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