The Moon Reversed is your Daily Tarot, and like the flip side of caring Cancer (ruler of this card), emotional melodramas, personal insecurities, or irrational thinking could be hindering your movement. This card is Number 18, which brings the intensity of Number 8 and the individuality of Number 1 together to equal a very humanitarian Number 9 – but reversed, there is likely to be some co-dependency and a little selfishness going down. Cheating and deceit can feature in the Moon Reversed mix – bearing in mind, that what someone can easily do with you, they can do it to you every bit as well! Be wary of your vivid imagination heading your dialogue, ask before you accuse, check things out prior to committing. Don’t waste your energy on petty conflict, control your outbursts, and be available to see things as they really are. The Moon in reverse position is also about refusing to settle for leftovers or a life of stagnation. Experience your fears – let them become conscious – and they may just open locked doors.

Light on…

Kris xx Mistress of New Age




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