Wheel of Fortune!

Yeah baby! JUPITER is travelling back & forth through GEMINI following a slow trot in TAURUS … watch the economy speed up over the next year — it’s like the WHEEL OF FORTUNE doing its optimistic thing:

GEMINI, LIBRA & AQUARIUS: You’re in the fame-and-fortune line, oh, and pack your bags for travel 🙂

VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS & PISCES: Tag your finances & long-distance connections – things are ramping up, so avoid taking on more than you can manage.

ARIES & LEO: You guys get a second chance – don’t let it slip by, as it won’t come around again in the same juicy manner.

TAURUS & CANCER: Tweak your talents to reach your goals & put a temporary lid on luxury items – then life is looking good

SCORPIO & CAPRICORN: Pull the cord tightly on cash costs, while leaving investments to build – something ends, as something new moves in


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