With party-girl Moon in Leo striking it hot with sexually experimental Mars in Aquarius, and both joining hands for a three-way flirt-fest with gregarious Venus and Mercury in Sag, expect the New Year’s Eve pressure of die-hard Saturn in Scorpio to be given the cold shoulder. Indeed, you still may have to attend to those dutiful bedroom favours, and you might even have to squeeze the last drop of juice out of a going-down relationship, or make yourself go extremely hard a new love interest… But chances are, that naughty Aries Uranus will give you a wake-up call before the New Year slips into place – and right on time too!… Year of the Snake is meandering towards us y’all… so which way will you choose to go? As low as a snake’s belly, or ready to swallow 2013’s fiesty feast whole…?

Kris xx Mistress of New Age